Refrigerator 190 Ltr Price India February 2023

October 17, 2022

Refrigerator 190 Ltr Price India February 2023

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Refrigerator 190 Ltr Price India February 2023 | Click Here To To Check Best Refrigerators In India

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Refrigerators are essential appliances in your home. According to experts, make sure that the device is energy efficient and long-lasting and can fulfill the cooling needs of your home. Here in this post, we will discuss 190 Ltr refrigerators in India in February 2023.

Best Refrigerators In India 2023

Refrigerator 190 Ltr Price India  2023

If you want to save money on electricity bills, you should check the energy rating of the refrigerator. It is better if you get a five-star rating device. These are available in different price ranges depending on features and energy ratings.

Normally, the refrigerator’s 190 l price India 2023 ranges from the lowest price of 16299 INR. This price is for direct cool single-door refrigerators. The price of 5-star direct cool refrigerators is available in Indian rupees.

Refrigerator 190 l price India 2023 is normally 16300 INR and available in major cities of India such as Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Lucknow, etc.

Manufacturers make a lot of effort to give affordable prices to users. Keep in mind that the prices differ depending on online payments’ nature.lets discuss in details about Refrigerator 190 Ltr Price India February 2023.

Things To Consider While Purchasing Refrigerator 190 ltr India 2023

If we talk about 190 l refrigerators in 2023, they must come up with the base stand and drawers. There should be toughened shelves and crisper drawers in this refrigerator.

Most surprisingly, these refrigerators come up with smart inverter technology, which allows the fridge to automatically adjust its cooling according to the load.

You should go with entry-level 190 l models if you have a small family. These models are a good choice for small families and bachelors who need more space to store fresh food for longer.

Some 190 l refrigerators have direct cool technology. With the help of this technology, your fridge is ready to instantly cool the food and has more energy. Most surprisingly, these models come up with a built-in stabilizer that protects the fridge during power fluctuations.

So you do not need any external stabilizer for this purpose. Let’s discuss the two best refrigerators 190 l India 2023.

Samsung 192 L 2 Star Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator

If you want innovation in your home, then the Samsung refrigerator is the real gadget. It is a two-star direct cool single-door refrigerator that runs on the Home inverter. Running on the home inverter is just a blessing as there are issues of power cuts in India.

So this is a small refrigerator which also runs even during power cuts. This shows that your food remains fresh for a longer time. Not only runs on the inverters, but it also runs on solar energy with solar panel-generated electricity. It also comes up with a safe, clean back that protects all the vital internal components and also makes cleaning easy.

The refrigerator handles are also ergonomic, which keeps the food fresh while staying more hygienic. Like many new refrigerators, it also comes with a large-capacity vegetable box. Now you can store many fresh vegetables and fruits in it.

The antibacterial gasket is also available, with which the refrigerator’s door remains

clean and free of bacteria and fungus. With the help of remarkable performance, the device has the capability of making ice in less time as compared to other refrigerators. The crown door design will impress you a lot, available in different colors.

  • Brand Samsung
  • Color: Gray Silver
  • Energy Star: 2 Star
  • Annual Energy Consumption: ‎203
  • Freezer Capacity: 25 Liters
  • Capacity: ‎192 liters
  • Installation Type: ‎Freestanding
  • Configuration: Freezer-on-Top
  • Special Features: ‎Fresh room
  • Defrost System: ‎Direct Cool
  • Shelf Type: ‎Toughened Glass
  • Material: ‎Steel

Whirlpool 190 L 3 Star Direct-Cool Single Door Refrigerator

Whirlpool is the most popular brand regarding refrigerators and other electronics. It comes up with an easy defrost mechanism that shows hassle-free usage and effective cooling. The good thing about this refrigerator is that it can work even with high fluctuations in voltage. And this device does not need any separate stabilizer.

It comes up with insulated capillary technology, which helps carry the refrigerant from the compressor to the freezer. This also increases the compressor efficiency and ensures faster cooling. Two dedicated door racks are also present, which can chill three bottles each of 2 liters.

The airtight gasket is easy to clean, and there is no build-up of bacteria and fungi inside the refrigerator. This is the main reason your food remains hygienic and healthy for a long time.

The chiller is also present in this device which can store different milk packets and cans at optimum cooling. Extra large vegetable crisper comes with a honeycomb lock-in technology.

This lock-in technology maintains the optimum moisture in the fruits and vegetables for longer. More space is available in this refrigerator, so you can save large-size vegetables.

  • Brand: Whirlpool
  • Color: Blue
  • Material: ‎Steel
  • Energy Efficiency: ‎3-Star Rating
  • Capacity: ‎190 liters
  • Special Features: ‎Stabilizer Free Operation, Door Lock
  • Configuration: Freezer-on-Top
  • Freezer Capacity: 14.3 Liters
  • Installation Type: Freestanding
  • Defrost System: Direct Cool

Price Chart for 190 Liters 5 Star Inverter Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator

We have analyzed the price data of 5-star refrigerators for many days. Let’s discuss the price chart in detail.

  • The highest price of the 190 l refrigerator is 17,990.
  • The average price of this particular refrigerator is 17330.
  • The lowest price of the refrigerator is 17140.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does An Inverted Refrigerator Help In Saving  Electricity?

Inverted refrigerators are energy efficient and save much energy compared to the previous models. Traditional refrigerators consume more electrical energy as compared to other models.

Is It Possible To Replace The 20 Year Old Refrigerator?

If your 20-year-old refrigerator is running well and gives you more cooling, you should go with it. If it only needs minor repairs, it is worth keeping it instead of replacing it.

What Is The Disadvantage Of An Inverted Refrigerator?

The only disadvantage of an inverter refrigerator is that it comes with more price. It is a costlier refrigerator than the refrigerator having non-inverter compressor.

So That Concludes Refrigerator 190 Ltr Price India February 2023.

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