Which Gas is Used in Refrigerator India June 2023

August 30, 2022

Which Gas is Used in Refrigerator India June 2023

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Nowadays, modern refrigerators are manufactured and use different types of coolants. These coolants are very much helpful in bringing the room temperature down when the mercury rises outside.so lets find out the answer of  this question Which Gas is Used in Refrigerator India June 2023 ?

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So Lets Understand Which Gas is Used in Refrigerator India 2023

Before purchasing a new refrigerator, make sure you are aware of all the tools used in the air conditioning system nowadays. When you know about all the coolants, you can easily maintain, repair, and update your home and office cooling systems.

In the past, manufacturers made refrigerators equipped with chlorofluorocarbon gasses that were not environmentally friendly. Unfortunately, these types of gasses also play a role in the depletion of the ozone layer.

But after that, nowadays, the manufacturer has decided to phase out all refrigerators that cause harm to the environment. Consequently, it should be your responsibility to monitor whether the air conditioner you are using is an environment-friendly refrigerant or not.

Here, we will discuss in detail which gas is used in refrigerator India 2023

What is a refrigerant?

The refrigerant also called coolant is used in air conditioners. The main purpose of a refrigerant is to pick up all the room’s heat and throw it outside into the atmosphere.

On the other side, a refrigerant must undergo different phase changes. During these phase changes, the refrigerant absorbs heat and compresses it to distribute cold fresh air into the room and converts from liquid to gas, absorbing the heat and then returning in the liquid form.

It happens when the compressor is there. Now, the question arises: What are the different factors that determine the ideal refrigerant? A perfect refrigerant should be non-corrosive and have favorable thermodynamic properties.

On the other hand, it should be equipped with safety features such as inflammability and toxicity. In the 20th century, the most popular gas was CFC, but it is not environmentally friendly.

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How does the refrigerator work?

We all know very well that refrigerators are important for daily tasks. In this post, we will discuss how the refrigerator works. Its working starts from the point where the refrigerant enters the evaporator coil in the expansion valve.

After that, the refrigerant absorbs the heat from the food stored in the refrigerator. We all know that refrigerant is in gaseous form, but after going through the compressor, it converts into high-pressure hot gas, which subsequently enters the condenser coil.

For your information, the condenser coil is outside the refrigerator, releasing heat into the atmosphere. Address point the refrigerant gas is converted into liquid form as it relies on the expansion valve.

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History of refrigerant gas used in gas refrigerator

Unfortunately, till 1920, refrigerators had toxic gasses such as carbon, chlorine,fluorine, etc. Still, in 1970, scientists concluded that these gasses cause ozone layer depletion and global warming.

Unfortunately, when these gasses are released into the atmosphere, they react with ultraviolet rays. Then a chemical reaction occurs and causes the greenhouse effect. The scientists started thinking about moving towards environmentally friendly gasses and can be used in refrigerators potentially.

These gasses are fluorine, chlorine, carbon, and hydrogen. Scientists discovered that when these gasses are exposed to the air, they have a shorter lifespan and minimal bad environmental effects.

So, gasses such as HFCs do not harm the environment and are also chlorine free. However, on the other side, HFC and HCFC are most commonly used.

Different gasses employed in the refrigerator

 R22 Chlorofluorocarbons (CFC)

This gas was primarily used in older refrigerators, but due to its ozone depletion feature, nowadays, they are out of this category. This is the main reason chlorofluorocarbons are not used in modern refrigerators.

R438A Feronthen was introduced into the market by the scientist to substitute R22 gas. The reason is that it does not cause any ozone depletion and is among the latest gases used in refrigerators.

In the past, manufacturers used this gas to repair many refrigerators and add R22 gas.

R134A Tetrafluoroethane

It is a powerful gas that is visible in the current refrigerator, and unfortunately, it is not ozone friendly.

R600A IsoButane

Nowadays, R600A is commonly found in small refrigerators; unfortunately, it is a flammable gas. So you have to be careful.

Types of gasses used in modern refrigerator

With technological advancement, manufacturers also improve different things in the electronic devices they manufacture. So they use improved and defined refrigerant gasses.

This is the main reason after research; scientists stopped using the gasses that are harmful to the environment and cause ozone depletion. Nowadays, refrigerators’ gasses provide necessary support while maintaining the environmental balance.

Here, we will discuss in detail the manufacturers’ modern gasses in refrigerators.


Tetrafluoroethane is normally used in refrigerators and is a nonflammable gas. It is also called high-temperature refrigerant gas for automobiles, air conditioners, and refrigerators.

First of all, this gas is condensed in the compressor to cool down the machine’s surroundings without causing the problem of ozone depletion.

Normally, manufacturers started using this gas in 1990, in almost all types of equipment and machines.


Polystyrene is a less expensive gas and normally works as an effective inhibitor of the heat inside the machine. We can also call this refrigerant a popular insulator that works as internal padding in the refrigerator to keep the heat out of the device.

So, in the end, it plays a very important role in increasing the device’s internal temperature and thus helping to provide effective cooling.


Acrylonitrile is still used in modern refrigerators; however, it was first used in the 19th century. It works as an effective insulator, an ideal barrier between the heat outside and the machine’s interior. The good thing about acrylonitrile is that it is very easy to clean, so many people prefer it.


Many people know chlorofluorocarbon is used in refrigerators. It is a pressurized liquid that moves inside the refrigerator tubes as a gas. It absorbs heat and cools the temperature inside the refrigerator.

After that, this gas is again pressurized to be used as a liquid. In 1970, manufacturers started using chlorofluorocarbon in refrigerators consisting of hydrocar bons. Normally, it contains 1 or 2 carbon atoms where the hydrogen atoms are replaced by fluorine and chlorine.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which gasses are removed from refrigerators?

In the past, R134a, R12, and R600a were used in refrigerators, but they are harmful to the environment causing the greenhouse effect and ozone depletion. So manufacturers stopped using these gasses in refrigerators later on.

What are the chemicals that keep the refrigerator cold?

Ammonia gas keeps the fridge cool as it is the best chemical that flows upward into the condenser. It then disappears all the heat and converts back to a liquid.

How can we test the gas in the refrigerator?

First of all, unplug the refrigerator; when the temperature of the refrigerators drop-down, place against the side of the refrigerator. You will easily feel the gurgling and hissing sound, which shows feron is present and equalizing.

Conclusion for Which Gas is Used in Refrigerator India 2023

A refrigerator is the most important household appliance in which refrigerant is used to keep the food cool and protect the production of bacteria.

In this post, we will discuss in detail which gas is used in refrigerator India 2023. It is to note that when you turn on the refrigerator, the refrigerant gas is compressed, and then the gas becomes too cold.

This cold refrigerant then moves through all the coils in the refrigerator and cools the air inside the refrigerator. Here, we have discussed which type of gasses we primarily use in refrigerators.

Still, they are not in practice due to their non-environment-friendly nature and ozone depletion property. They also cause the greenhouse effect and the aids of Gslobal Warming.

Today, after extensive research, scientists and manufacturers have decided to use environmentally friendly gases that won’t damage the ozone layer.so that’s concludes Which Gas is Used in Refrigerator India June 2023

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